How do I integrate my Snapfrozen email with Gmail?

This article describes how to fully integrate your Snapfrozen email with Gmail so you can use the Gmail interface for your Snapfrozen email.

1. You will need your Snapfrozen email settings.

Our server settings are:

Incoming: Port: 995 (Always use a secured connection (SSL))
Outgoing: Port 25 (TLS)

Password: You can also use our control panel to reset it, or contact us to do this for you.

2. Setup the Gmail mail fetcher.

This will fetch mail from our server and deliver it to Gmail.

3. You can then get your email directly through Gmail.

You can also download mail from Gmail to your Android, Outlook and other devices using IMAP.

4. Configure Gmail to send email out as your own email address (ie: from:

Choose the Gmail (first) option and follow the ‘recommended’ settings.