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With over 17 years of working with small to medium business and also developing and running corporate applications in media monitoring, communications and renewable energy areas, Snapfrozen provides consultancy to streamline and automate your business processes.

Specifically offering services to small to medium business. Snapfrozen is aware of the challenges these businesses face and assists with simple solutions to real world problems.

Common areas of practice are launching new online products, automating business operations, integrating online tools and migrating existing systems to the cloud.

Just some of our extensive capabilities

Just some of our extensive capabilities

Online systems and <br />solutions architecture <br />

Online systems and
solutions architecture

Cloud planning <br />and migration

Cloud planning
and migration

Performance optimisation<br />for your app or system

Performance optimisation
for your app or system

Business automation

Business automation

Database design <br />and development

Database design
and development

Open source <br />strategy

Open source

Migration from <br />outdated legacy systems

Migration from
outdated legacy systems

Technical business <br />case assessment

Technical business
case assessment

Why partner with us


We offer our experience and knowledge across multiple industries and segments. After understanding the challenges, we can identify the opportunities and deliver a strategy to ensure successful outcomes.


We have developed hundreds of online systems, many of them requiring deep understanding of business processes, in order to automate and streamline.


Our commitment to keeping up to date with the latest technology, along with our independence, ensures we can be a key ally when embarking on new projects.

Cut through complexity
and build your better way

Our world runs on increasingly complex systems. Customers expect immediate connectivity, increasing product personalisation and performance, and brand transparency. Not only that, project budgets increasingly need more from less, flexibility and genuine portability. Fortunately, we’ve found a proven way for companies to ride the wave of these massive market forces and technical demands; one that enables innovation and next-generation performance and growth. It all begins with an expert understanding of your system. And where it ends? Only where your imagination takes you.

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Cut through complexity <br />and build your better way

Grow your project with the power of cloud

Scale your offering with confidence. Our knowledgeable engineers are cloud certified and equipped to show you how to leverage the power of cloud infrastructure. Modernise your IT, reduce operational costs, and optimise your apps to connect more efficiently with your user base.

Turn Data into <br />Dollars with AI<br />

Turn Data into
Dollars with AI

Getting on top of your data is only the beginning. We can supercharge your business model with the most intelligent and comprehensive ecosystem of analytics, AI and machine learning tools on the planet. Be more relevant to your customers by tapping you into insights and encourage higher engagement and conversion.

Take Industry Leadership<br />

Take Industry Leadership

Build more trust and make it last. Position yourself as an industry leader and transform your architecture into one that delivers all stakeholders and customers second-to-none value.

Create competitive advantage<br />

Create competitive advantage

Be in a class of your own, even in difficult markets, with a project that’s primed for success. We design you an infrastructure platform and software model that’s resource efficient, cuts operational costs and highlights the strength of your offering.

System stability,
security and speed

Make world-class security, lighting responsiveness and steadfast reliability your new standard. We show you how to modernise your system or app into one that builds confidence, trust, and is a joy for people to use.

System stability, <br />security and speed<br />

Automation built-in

Systems that require increasing time demands, constant micro-management or repetitive tasks are doing the opposite of what they’re supposed to do. We perform automation at every possible level — we know it’s key to freeing up your valuable time and resources. And we’ve done it many times before — even for the most complex systems — saving time, money and hair pulling. Start enjoying the sort of value that compounds every single day.

Architect Snapshot

Donovan Craig

Donovan Craig

Senior Online Systems Architect, Founder of Snapfrozen

Donovan has run web hosting businesses since 1999, developed hundreds of websites and custom systems, has designed global media monitoring systems used by AAP and agencies the world over, and recently lead development teams to create Australia's two most successful online solar energy tools. ... read more

Donovan has a deep understanding of Database design, Linux administration and Internet protocols. Donovan is a Zend Certified Engineer and a Certified Google Professional (Cloud Architect). When he’s not designing systems and solving online challenges, he’s spending time with his family somewhere outdoors in the Mid North Coast, or practicing Yoga.

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