Google Workspace

All you need to do your best work, together in one package that works seamlessly from your computer, phone or tablet.

Google Workspace

Everything you need in one package

In todays world of email being the primary source of business communication. How important is email and collaboration to your business?

Google Workspace builds on the super reliable Gmail platform, to offer a business grade solution for emails and online office tools.

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Reach your colleagues where ever they are.


Everything you need to bring your project to life.


Store files and find what you need instantly.


Manage users, devices, and data securely and easily.

Security and Reliability

Enjoy smart spam free email with Google’s AI engines to automatically detect and remove SPAM emails, so you can focus on what matters.

Google Workspace stops 99% of all phishing and virus attacks and protects your computers from nasties like the ever growing crypto virus. As your emails are stored on the Cloud, Google keeps these safe and secure.

Virtually no downtime, as your email is stored on the same systems as the super fast and reliable Google search engine. Google has the most advanced servers in the world, so you can leverage on this to run your business email.

Google does not offer back-door access to your emails to any government or other commercial entity.

Leverage the 700+ strong team of security engineers that Google employs to ensure that your email is safe and secure.

Email and docs are
only the beginning

Google Workspace forms the basis of user management and security for Google Cloud, so this can be the central place to manage your users and their resources. If you already have a user management system, Google Workspace links right in with directory synchronisation services.

Google Forms and the new App Maker are powerful tools to allow your staff to create their own internal forms which can save information to Google Sheets and even be visualised with Google Data Studio.


Google Workspace offers a vast array of online business tools, so your team can collaborate online.

  • Sheets, Docs and Presentations allow your team to work effectively together online without installing other office software.
  • Google meet is a super powerful video conferencing tool. Use the Present functionality to share your screen or your documents, with text chat built right in.
  • Business and Enterprise editions offer unlimited storage with Cloud File Stream, to provide easy, secure documents to all of your files, with easy to manage permissions.

Many other features as outlined within this comparison PDF of features.

Google Workspace Plans

As certified Google Workspace Partners, Snapfrozen has the skills and resources to fully support and manage Google Workspace services with direct access to the Google support team when required. Plans are per user per month. Discounts are available for enterprise and bulk user accounts.

Business Starter


Paid Monthly

  • Custom and secure business email
  • 100 participant video meetings
  • 30 GB cloud storage per user
  • Security and management controls

Business Plus


Paid Monthly

  • Custom and secure business email + eDiscovery, retention
  • 500 participant video meetings + recording, attendance tracking
  • 5 TB cloud storage per user
  • Enhanced security and management controls, including Vault and advanced endpoint management

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