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Snapfrozen Business Dashboards allow you to visualise your key business systems and related data in one place, online, in realtime.

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Other online systems

How does it work?

A Business Dashboard is comprised of many “data sources”, which are plugins to connect to your individual business systems. Many data sources for popular systems are already available and ready to setup and use.

At Snapfrozen, we also create custom data sources to lesser used and custom systems, or for situations where you need to visualise data which is specific to your company and its challenges and opportunities.

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How much will it cost?

As Google Cloud partners, Snapfrozen utilises the latest Google Data Studio to provide the base Dashboard and many pre-built data sources. We setup and maintain your dashboard and are available to refine and customise your data. You can be up and running with the basics almost right away and add more data sources as you go.

Examples of data sources you can visualise, but are not limited to:

  • Xero accounting
  • Google Analytics (custom or basic reports)
  • MailChimp Subscribers
  • Incoming and outgoing phone records
  • Social media company and topic mentions
  • Credit card payments
  • Staff timesheets
  • Website uptime
  • Email volume
  • Critical news articles related to your company

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