Ausgolf Relaunch

ausgolflogoAusgolf, is Australia’s most informative golf website with reviews, articles and news on golf courses, tours, equipment, events and much more.

Snapfrozen’s redevelopment of this comprehensive site greatly improves on its core functionality. It allows for a whole range of custom features and a clean, new look.

Ausgolf contains the most extensive golf course database in the country, encompassing a considerable amount of detailed information and images of courses, both in Australia and internationally. Our custom content management system, Snap CMS, makes it easy for the Ausgolf team to organise and display this increasing quantity of information in an uncomplicated format.

The whole site is easier to use. For the first time, Ausgolf is mobile friendly. The new design not only looks fresh but is also built to mobile standards and works on all screen sizes, substantially improving user experience.

Golfers on the move can now check on the latest golfing news, reviews and events, and updated information about their nearest golf course from any device, from smartphones, to laptops to iPads and tablets.

We’ve integrated a new streamlined credit card payment system so and buying “The Golf Course Guide” online with Ausgolf is even simpler.

It’s our great pleasure to help our clients meet their goals. In the month since relaunching the website, the client has reported a noticeable increase in newsletter subscriptions rates and site traffic.