Security & Updates

Secure your brand, build trust, and free yourself from worry with our WordPress-hardened security and updates package.
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Security & Updates

Your reputation is everything.

Website security maintenance is easily overlooked. That’s a shame because hackers, scammers and nasty bots constantly prowl for out of date and unchecked WordPress sites. Don’t let yours be one of them. Protect your brand investment from phishing sites, hackers and irreparable damage.

Keep me secure
Your reputation is everything.

Free yourself from worry work. Let security be our problem.

Our security and maintenance package ensures your WordPress site remains safe and secure for your visitors. We’ll protect you with a vast array of checks in a 3 actioned approach:

Harden, Monitor & Update.

Real-time 3 Layer Monitoring

immunify360 <br />
Proactive Defence<br />

Proactive Defence

Snapfrozen employs the latest immunify360 service. Tap into the power of a 6 layered security protocol that monitors all connection requests, complete with AI monitoring and, on-demand malware scanning and malicious code defense. Stop and destroy dirty code in its tracks.

Wordfence<br />


Wordfence monitors and scans your site adding another layer of protection.

Google Search Console<br />
checks & monitoring<br />

Google Search Console
checks & monitoring

We use Google’s extensive search console toolset to monitor and provides real time feedback on your sites status

Automatic Updates for
WordPress Core and Plugins

Old WordPress cores and out-of-date plugins leave you vulnerable to attack.

Let us handle your WordPress core and plugin updates, ensuring your site has the latest security fixes.

Automatic Updates for <br />
WordPress Core and Plugins

Priority restore & recovery

In the unlikely event that your site is compromised, we’ll fix and restore it. Fast.

Did you know weak passwords and out of date plugins and WordPress cores are one of the most common entry points for a WordPress hack? In fact, the worst attacks can even scam your own customers and leave you in legal risk. Securing your site is about protecting your customer’s user experience.

Secure your website now, we'll do all the heavy lifting for you.