Ongoing updates, monitoring and recovery.

To ensure your WordPress site remains safe and secure Snapfrozen offers a monthly security and maintenance service. This service covers a large array of checks to ensure your site remains safe and secure for your visitors.

This includes;

  • immunify360 Proactive Defence
    Snapfrozen uses the latest mmunify360 service that monitors all connection requests and on-demand malware scanning to monitor and clean your sites from any malicious code or unauthorised access.
  • WordPress Monitoring and Updates
    Using our Installatron application all updates to the core and plugins can be completed as updates become available ensuring your site have the latest security fixes.
  • Wordfence
    Wordfence monitoring and scanning adds another layer of protection of security.
  • Google Search Console checks and monitoring
    Google offers extensive tools through their search console that monitors and provides real time feedback on your sites status through Google search engine.
  • Priority restore and recovery
    In the unlikely event that your site is compromised, we’ll fix it, or restore it from backups.