SSL Services

Snaprozen offers free basic SSL with every hosting account and managed server package.
SSL Services
Converting existing <br />
websites and apps<br />

Converting existing
websites and apps

If an existing website or app is not currently running on SSL, it can usually be converted in less than an hour. If it has not been converted, you will see that your browser says Not Secure next to the URL bar for your site. Not a good look if you are trying to impress potential clients, and especially not great if you want to ensure their data is secure. If you are familiar with web development, you can complete the conversion yourself by switching your site to use your free SSL certificate. Otherwise, we offer the conversion service to our clients. Although the basic SSL certificates are free, it takes time to complete and test a conversion. Contact our team to get this done if your site is not currently running on SSL.

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Extended <br />
Validation SSL

Validation SSL

An EV SSL certificate adds an even greater level of security by providing even greater exposure for your website visitors by displaying a full green address bar with additional identification information. You’ll usually see these on banking websites, or websites where it’s a critical that your customers know your website is the real one. We recommend EV SSL for ecommerce websites that receive a lot of sales, or for financial and other institutions where identity is critical. Snapfrozen offers EV certificates, including installation for $200 per year (inc GST).

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Free SSL with Let’s Encrypt.

SSL ensures the data between your browser and the server you are connecting to is secure. In 2014, Google and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, launched the SSL everywhere project to secure the whole world wide web. As Google partners and proud EFF sponsors, Snapfrozen stands behind this initiative and believes all websites should be secured with SSL. EFF has made this pretty easy and cost effective with the Let’s Encrypt project, which provides free (yep, that’s right free) basic SSL certificate services. At Snapfrozen, we have this integrated into all of our servers and systems. Google now promotes sites in the Google search engine which are completely SSL secured. This highlights the importance of the web being secure.

Free SSL with Let’s Encrypt.

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Whether you need SSL for a custom app, or have a complex requirement, we’re here to help.