Prestige Inhome Care

Melbourne based company, Prestige Inhome Care provides a range of high-standard, personalised, professional services to enable people to stay living at home, as comfortably and normally as possible, for as long as possible.

Founded by Registered Nurse, and current manager, Nick McDonald in 2005, Prestige Inhome Care originally serviced the Melbourne bayside area and has successfully extended its services to most of metropolitan Melbourne and in some cases, interstate.

With the success of an expanding business came the need to increase the functionality of the website, which its existing platform couldn’t support.

Nick came to us at Snapfrozen with the need for a custom website and full database system, with specific features and the ability to add extra functionality over time.

We rebuilt the website from the ground up, using our own content management system, snapCMS. Based on the open-source Yii platform, it offers flexibility and extensibility; perfect for the particular complex needs of Prestige Inhome Care, with room to move as the business grows.

“Most of our clients initially come to us in a crisis situation so it was really important that the site works properly on mobile devices.” says Nick

Giving the site a whole new mobile-friendly design, Snapfrozen created and incorporated unique features such as staff login, where staff can receive personalised updates, news and payslips and upload files; and a custom employment section featuring online application forms.

“We’re hoping that as all our staff start logging in to our staff area for rosters, news, and updates, and the less time we have to spend sending emails back and forth, that will free everyone up to do more meaningful work.” he says.

As part of Snapfrozen’s social media integration, we’ve automated Prestige’s latest news items to post to Facebook and Twitter. We’ve also built a custom email template for mailchimp so that all Prestige Inhome Care communications are congruent with the company’s website and design, and included a sign up form on the site for the newsletter.

Nick says the process of building the site was really collaborative. Donovan took the time to listen to what he wanted and incorporate as many of his needs as possible. He says Donovan also had the courage to explain why some of his ideas may not work in their practical application. He offered suitable alternatives, took time to explain how and why they would work on all devices and demonstrated a few examples. Once Nick understood the reasons behind it, he was more than happy to make small compromises on how he wanted something to look or function, so that he got the best results overall.

“I’m really happy with the whole process of developing the site. Donovan was very responsive, took the time to explain what would work and what wouldn’t, and why. I’m very pleased with the end result.” – Nick McDonald, Prestige Inhome Care.