Pin Payments Module for WHMCS




Our Pin Payments module for WHMCS allows WHMCS installations to use the Australian Pin Payments system as a fully integrated Payment Gateway.

The Pin Payments  module for WHMCS uses the Pin Payments token system, so recurring payments can be made without sensitive CVV information being stored on your server.

The module supports both purchase, recurring purchase and also refund functionality.

Buy Module Now $50.00 (Inc. GST) annually.


To install the module:

  1. Scroll down to the settings for your module and enter the following:
  2. You’ll see Pin Payments is now within the “Activate Module” list, select this and click “Activate”
  3. Within your WHMCS admin, goto Setup -> Payments -> Payment gateways
  4. Simply rename the module file to pinpayments.php, then drop it into the modules/gateways folder within your WHMCS installation.
    • Display Name – This is what your customers see, so you can simply label this Credit Card or Credit Card (Pin Payments) It’s up to you.
    • Pin API Key – This is your Pin Payments API key (test key for the test system, live key for the live system)
    • Payment Instructions – Instructions you want your customer to see when making payment. I actually leave this blank as it’s pretty obvious they need to enter their credit card details.
  5. Review the settings within Setup -> General -> Invoices, within your WHMCS administration area to ensure that Accepted Credit Card Types only has Visa and MasterCard selected, also make sure that Issue Number/Start Date is unticked.

Note: As this is a tokenised gateway, you cannot enter your card into from the customer profile page within the admin area. Your customer must enter the details themselves, or you can enter them by going into “login as customer” and entering it in their client area. Once this has been done, a token is created in the token file and WHMCS can then re-use this card for regular billing.

Note: This module is created by Snapfrozen and is not affiliated with Pin Payments or WHMCS in any way.