Our Process

Snapfrozen has been building websites and online systems for over 10 years. We have a proven process which usually takes around four to six weeks to complete, depending on the size of your project.

  1.  We listen – We take the time to listen to your requirements, understand your style, your budget and your goals. We review what works for your competitors, what already works for you and get a list of the sites you like and the functionality you need.
  2. We plan – We develop a plan that meets your requirements. This plan often has a few options and a road map. If you have a limited budget, we work with you to break up the project into stages that take your long term goals into consideration. Your plan is free of charge and includes our suggested technical solution and pricing in plain English so you can take some time to understand and consider what we have proposed.
  3. We agree – We agree on the proposed plan and work begins on your new website. Our project pricing is based on deliverables, so you pay only after we have met the objectives outlined within your plan.
  4. We create – We create some sample design concepts which are a visual representation of what your site will look like and include detailed layout and style information. We keep creating more concepts until you are happy with the visual look and feel of the design.
  5. We code – We convert your design concept into a fully working WordPress website and configure your desired functionality.
  6. We test – We fully test your new website in our test area and invite you to provide feedback on the draft website.
  7. We deliver – We train you on using your new website and hand over the keys so you can start to drive the WordPress content management system.
  8. We support and maintain – We provide you with support and maintenance for your website as you require new features, changes or simply some assistance.