How do I setup my email in Entourage for Mac?

To configure your email account in Entourage:

  1. Go to Entourage, Account Settings
  2. Go to New, Mail
  3. Select ‘Account type’ as POP, click OK
  4. Enter ‘Account name’, ‘Name’, ‘Email address’,
  5. Enter ‘Account ID’ with your full email address.
  6. Enter ‘POP server’ as
  7. Enter ‘Password’ as your email password
  8. Enter ‘SMTP server’ as
  9. Click on ‘Click here for advanced sending options
  10. If your internet is with Optus or Telstra, tick on ‘Override default SMTP port’ and set to 26
  11. Tick ‘SMTP server required authentication
  12. Select ‘Use same settings as receiving mail server
  13. In ‘Domain for unqualified addresses’, type, Enter, OK
  14. Your new account will appear in the window.