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Data analysis, business dashboards and artificial intelligence

Migrating your data to the cloud is only the beginning.

Utilising the cutting edge Google Cloud Platform, we can turn your historic and ongoing business data into meaningful visualisations.

You can then make decisions based on evidence, instead of mere intuition.

Business data can come from any of your existing systems, including web analytics, email, images, office documents, accounting and databases.

Using the Google Cloud artificial intelligence tools, you can easily search and analyse your data quickly and accurately.



Data processing and analysis

Using the Google Cloud Platform, we can securely process and analyse your data, so it can be searched, sorted and visualised in ways that were previously not possible.

Data can be pretty much anything, including:

  • Web analytics
  • eCommerce transactions
  • Historic and current emails
  • Financial system information
  • Images and drawings
  • Video
  • Recorded speech
  • News articles
  • Social media feeds and posts
  • Office documents
  • Sensor data from monitoring, heating, cooling and energy systems
  • Other online data from web based systems


Machine Learning

Make use of Google's pre-made artificial intelligence engines, to analyse, search and sort your data, or build your own learning models to solve custom challenges.

Pre-built artificial intelligence engines include:

  • Language translation to automatically translate language within any of your data.
  • Image and video intelligence to search and identify anything, within any and or all of your images and video.
  • Speech recognition to automatically convert recorded speech to text.
  • Natural language analysis, to automatically detect sentiment and detect people places and things, in context.
  • Job search and discovery to automatically match jobs available with location and skills of job seekers.

Business Dashboards

See your key data in once place on a live dashboard which can be viewed online and also embedded into your existing systems.

With all your data aggregated into one place, you can see correlations between your systems to see how different parts of your business interact with each other.

Using the Google Data Studio, you can view all your visualisations on one dashboard and also embed your live data into your website.


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