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5 Quick ways to improve your email newsletter

We build newsletters for clients all the time. Here are some tips which we have found really help to take your email newsletters to the next level, and increase readership. Post the actual articles on your website, then only show a small extract within the newsletter, so users need to visit your website to view…

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When is the best time to send your email campaign?

You’ve written awesome content, and have a great subject line. You’ve got your images and graphics well placed and you’re all ready to send your email campaign. You want your customers to not only open and read your email, but to click through to your website for more information, to make a sales enquiry or…

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3 Tips on writing SEO content that works

Your business needs a website. And your website needs content. These are two of the basic fundamentals every business has to deal with today. So you have the website sorted – check! Now you need to write the search engine optimised (SEO) content – and this is where many businesses fall down. Writing SEO content…

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