New Site Launched: A Breath Of Fresh Air

Today we announce the launch of our latest website, A Breath of Fresh Air – a light and breezy look at music and entertainment.

A Breath of Fresh Air started out as a covid project for Sandy Kaye but since then it’s developed into something much bigger. It’s now a national weekly, hour-long show that’s broadcast on radio stations across Australia as well through several stations internationally. 

We recently approached Snapfrozen to design a new website for our nationally syndicated radio program. Our demands were many because we needed a home base to connect with our listeners and complicated functions that would include allowing them to listen, download and view regular updates.

Sandy Kaye – A Breath of Fresh Air

Snapfrozen was tasked to design and develop a custom WordPress website with the ability to showcase each episode. In doing so, we developed custom stream and download functionality for each episode. We also developed a custom page where listeners can easily view and stream the show. The site will display all radio stations playing the show on a given day, the time, and a link to stream it.

The website is hosted on our superfast Google Cloud Platform system which gave us the ability to store all of the media files in a GCP Storage bucket as opposed to being on the local instance. This reduces storage costs for the client and increases security due to the files being separate from the site.

Snapfrozen were great. They took the time to understand our needs and developed innovative solutions in record time. As a result, we are now able to let our audience into the back-end of our program production, share extra content and engage with our audience weekly. We’ve got a place of our own and our audience loves it. The website really speaks to our brand and to our aspirations.
It’s often difficult to get your ideas across to developers but the guys at Snapfrozen were a pleasure to deal with and rose to the challenge in a no-fuss manner. We’re in awe of their talent and could not be happier.

Sandy Kaye – A Breath of Fresh Air

Check them out here!

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