Managed WordPress Hosting with Installatron

At Snapfrozen we have been strong supporters of Installatron for many years. We believe Installatron provides unrivalled functionality in providing the easiest and most reliable way to manage your WordPress installations through cPanel. In this article we’re going to cover the basics of Installatron and highlight some of the core features so that you can get started right away!

We should also mention that Installatron also supports hundreds of other applications, but today we’re just covering WordPress. Let’s get started!

You can find the Installatron application in your cPanel.

Within Installatron you can search for applications, simply search for WordPress and you will be presented with this screen.


Installing is clear and allows you to specify several options for your site.

The great thing about Installatron is that it will automatically install and configure your site with a new database making the whole process really simple. It also gives you the option to install to an existing database. 

Installatron also allows you to easily relocate your site within your hosting account or migrate your site if you are changing providers. 

Managing your installations 

Now this is where Installatron really begins to shine, once you have an install you can manage it from the Installatron Dashboard. Installatron provides you with easy ways to access and manage your site. Underneath your site title, simply follow the links to access your site or login to the WordPress admin page.

On the right hand side of each installation you will see your available actions. Lets go over them and explain what they can do.


This indicates whether you have a core update for wordpress, it will also show other available updates such as plugins. By clicking the icon you can automatically backup and update your wordpress installation. 


This is for editing the details of your installation such as your username, password and most of the other settings when you originally installed WordPress.


This runs a simple backup of your WordPress content. It’s important to note that this backup only exports the database information and creates a .sql file. This doesn’t backup your wp-content folder which houses all your photos ect. You should also create a full site backup through cPanel or other software such as R1soft. It’s also recommended that you move your backup to an offsite or secure location separate from your hosting server.


This is a really powerful feature as it allows you to perfectly clone your WordPress installation and set it up on another domain. This is particularly useful if you want to clone a template or site you’ve built for another use. Or if you need to make drastic changes to your site, you can do so on the side without having to worry about breaking anything. 


Note: You will only see this if you have multiple installations. This is the sync tool, it works in tandem with the clone tool mentioned above. This allows you to overwrite an installed application with the content of another installed application. For example if you have a development site and a live site, you can use this tool to sync the changes from one another. 


This action is pretty self explanatory however, it’s important to note that this will completely remove the installation including all of the WordPress files and the database. 

We hope this article has helped you gain a better understanding of Installatron and how you can manage your WordPress installations.

If you have any other questions or would like to know more, feel free to get in touch!