Google Cloud Security Forum

Snapfrozen at Google Cloud Security Forum Australia

We attended the Google Cloud Security Forum at the Australian Technology Park. 

There was a decent turnout of Google Cloud Partners (like ourselves) and potential customers, who were interested in the security that Google provides.

Google was able to demonstrate without a doubt that the GCP platform has been built with security first and foremost in mind. The head of the New York development team, Tim Dierks, explained his teams role in building the IAM and cryptography parts of GCP infrastructure. 

Following the presentations, there was an interesting discussion around securing the application layer. Even though Google has demonstrated that their infrastructure is world class in security, what about legacy applications and the data that customers bring on board?

This was definitely a question we had ourselves, and we were relieved and excited to hear that Google has some new solutions for checking the integrity of containers, as well as a new application firewall system called “Cloud Armor“.

Cloud Armor is particularly interesting to us, as it means that Google can protect from a number of attacks, before the attacker even reaches our systems. This will certainly be useful to continue keeping our systems running smoothly, and to prevent our customers experiencing things like SQL injection and DDOS attacks.

We look forward to keeping up to date with more security developments from Google, and utilising this new technology to make our hosting systems even better.