Free SSL via cPanel AutoSSL

We’re pleased to announce that our hosting platform now provides free SSL certificates, for all accounts, which are automatically installed and ready to use.

SSL certificates provide the little padlock (https://) when viewing your site and encrypt the data between your clients browsers and your website.

The new cPanel AutoSSL feature automatically generates and manages these for all accounts and works towards the “HTTPS Everywhere” initiative to make the whole web encrypted.

We’re all for security and we thoroughly support this initiative, with all of our new sites now being SSL out of the box.

If you have an existing non SSL site, please contact us for a review to see how we can turn SSL on by default. There often is work to do, to make sure that all of your assets like images and other documents are setup correctly to make this work.

Once this is done, there are also some SEO implications, but the good news is that Google gives preference to SSL sites over non SSL sites, due to the additional security you are providing to your users.

For any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact our support team anytime.