Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Small Business

The AI buzz is real, but what does it mean for your business? The right tools can streamline your work and give you a competitive edge.

At Snapfrozen, we’re constantly analysing the world of AI – yes, we’re obsessed (but it’s our industry after all!) Specifically, we’re exploring how it will impact businesses’ (ours and yours!) and we’ve made it our mission to find practical ways AI is ready to help small businesses right now. We want to safeguard the great work you do from competitors by helping you embrace this technology sooner than later.

Why embrace AI? Because it’s already changing how business gets done. Fast.

From self-driving cars to facial recognition software, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the world as we know it. And it’s transforming business as we speak. But what does that mean for small businesses? How does one not get left behind and instead, grow and succeed?

Here’s 3 key insights that we’d love to share with you about AI:

  • AI can do far more for your business now than you think it can. And it’s easier than you think to get started.
  • Did you know your Google Workspace is hiding a powerful AI secret? Get ready to streamline your workflow! Find out more.
  • Brace yourself: The next AI revolution is coming!
    Have you heard of “LAM?” While it sounds innocent enough, trust us – it has the potential to change everything.

AI can do far more for your business right now than you think.

While ChatGPT and AI image generators make headlines, there’s a powerful undercurrent of AI transforming how even the smallest businesses operate. Consider these ways AI can benefit you right now:

Free up your time

AI-powered automation effortlessly takes over repetitive and time-consuming tasks like data entry, customer support, and even marketing. This allows you to focus on the strategic, growth-oriented aspects of your business.

Boost customer experience

AI provides round-the-clock customer service, answering questions instantly and can resolve issues efficiently. This encourages customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Increase sales

AI assists in finding new leads, personalising your marketing, and offering tailored recommendations to customers – all factors that drive sales.

Cut costs

Streamlining tasks, enhancing customer service, and increasing sales with AI has a clear consequence: reduced costs. This fosters profitability and paves the way for long-term success.

Popular tools like Google Workspace and Facebook Messenger now have AI capabilities built in. Unlock incredible potential for your documents, sales, and customer support. Get ready for a smarter, streamlined workflow.

Did you know that you can create content for new documents and spreadsheet layouts and formulas directly within Google Workspace using AI? Recently Google released their AI for Google Workspace which is becoming more and more powerful by the day.

Facebook Messenger just got a major AI upgrade! From product recommendations to task assistance, prepare to experience a whole new way to interact with friends and businesses. You’ll also be able to “invite” AI into your conversations to help with a range of tasks and even play games.

Strap yourself in, Ai is on the cusp of another milestone. And it’s called ‘LAM.’

Think the smartphone launch was big? This could be even bigger. And it has the potential to revolutionise the way people engage with the web and your business. We think it’s powerful enough to completely change the way we engage in our everyday tasks.

What is LAM, anyway?

If you have used Chat GPT, Gemini or any recent Ai chat tool, then you’ve experienced what a Large Language Model (LLM) can do. For instance, you would have noticed that LLMs are pretty good at text and creating content, conversations and even explaining “how” to do something. “Find me a popular recipe for chicken tacos.” LAM however takes it further, allowing AI to act on those conversations. LAM is a Large Action Model. This AI technology uses the intelligence of LLM to then actually “do” things for you. That means LAM will be able to:

  • intelligently browse websites and complete actions on those websites on our behalf
  • read and analyse websites and online content
  • Read websites back to us, and summarise sites and content with LLM,
  • facilitate research
  • complete transactions on our behalf

So it’s no longer just “Find me a popular recipe…” it’s now “Find me a popular recipe for [X] add the ingredients to my shopping list and post my food selfie on instagram for me with a cheesy food pun.” We know we’re not alone in thinking this will be our first use case of LAM.

What LAM could mean for small business?

Lam’s use cases go beyond meal prep or simple tasks however. Imagine, “Please find a free spot this week to book in with my accountant.” Done. No phone calls. No searching of your calendar. Or how about: “Summarise the key points from this web presentation and create a follow-up email for our potential investors.” You didn’t have time to watch the entire 20 minute video but that doesn’t mean you can’t get an intelligent summary. Or how about: “Monitor competitor pricing on [product X] and alert me if they drop below our current offer.” That would be a hard task for anyone with human needs but AI can be in many places at once at any time. The possibilities for time saving alone are mind boggling.

Admittedly this one is more of a “watch this space” tip than something you can actively prepare for. LAM is however where we, at Snapfrozen, believe things are headed and we feel it is important to stay very closely tuned to what’s happening in the AI world. Our goal is to make sure you benefit from this technology as it matures and becomes readily available.

AI can feel like too much too soon. What can I do?

AI can feel overwhelming at times but fortunately that’s where we come in. Remember, business owners, traders, and customers don’t necessarily have to know every detail of how these tools work to make good use of them. Some will be naturally more curious than others. But most people don’t know how bank transactions occur online, but still use internet banking apps everyday. We’ve accepted and embraced convenient technology as the norm. Technology should be making our lives easier and freeing up our time.. The AI “way” should be no different. Like always, we get familiar with the “new”, get used to it and get on with our lives as happily as we can. But to keep things manageable we suggest starting with the basics. What are those basics?

How do I get started with AI?

Getting started with AI can be simpler than you think. We recommend the “start small” approach – here’s how:

Start with a specific goal

Avoid feeling overwhelmed by identifying one area of your business where AI could make a difference. Think about a repetitive or time-consuming task. Could AI automate it, or make it significantly faster? This is your starting point.

Start with what you know

If you’re already using Google Workspace, you have AI power on hand! Experiment with tools like Google Gemini in Docs and Sheets.

Google AI can perform the following and much more:

  • Draft emails and responses
  • Summarise long documents
  • Create spreadsheet formulas
  • Translate documents
  • Proofreading and and error correction
  • Suggest meeting times and prioritise emails

Get Help

It’s ok if you don’t have the expertise to implement AI solutions yourself. Consider getting help from a consultant or an AI provider – like us!

Track and adapt

Measure the results of your AI experiments. This data will help you refine your strategy and see the tangible benefits AI brings.

Let’s talk! At Snapfrozen, we specialise in finding accessible and effective AI solutions for small businesses. Contact us for a personalised consultation and see how AI can streamline your work and drive your growth.

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