3 Tips on writing SEO content that works

Your business needs a website. And your website needs content. These are two of the basic fundamentals every business has to deal with today. So you have the website sorted – check! Now you need to write the search engine optimised (SEO) content – and this is where many businesses fall down.


Writing SEO content is not just about copying your sales brochures and pasting them online. There is an art to writing good content and it can be learnt. The first thing you must understand is that you need to come to grips with SEO. Your content has to be optimised for search engines – but how do you do that?

Well here are 3 tips on writing SEO content that will help your website rank well on search engine results pages (serps).

  1. Relevant and engaging content: Your content needs to be written for humans and optimised for robots. So this means that your content must be relevant, detailed and engaging to your human viewers.

    The point of your content is to provide people with information they are looking for (relevant) and it must be interesting, compelling and fulfil a need they have or give them a solution to a problem (engaging).

    Another way to engage your customers is to include social media buttons on your pages. If people like what they read, then they can share your content with friends across the internet. Social media is a great way to engage people and spread the word.
    And when robots crawl your site, one of the things they look for is that the content matches your keywords. So creating high quality, engaging content is not much good if you don’t use keywords or they do not match your content thematically.

  2. Use of keywords: These are one of the ways that search engines decide on the relevance of your website to a person’s keyword search. If you have the right combination of keywords, then the probability of your website being ranked high on the serps is increased.

    But gone are the days that you could stuff boring, rambling content with keywords and rank highly. Search engines are now wary of keyword stuffing and will penalise websites that do this.So the best way to write your SEO content is naturally. Make it engaging, well written and informative. Be aware of your keywords and keyword phrases and let your writing naturally include them in the flow of words.

    There is no required density of keywords anymore. Just write well and include exact and related keywords and phrases or synonyms organically within your content.

  3. Refresh your content: Search engines like new, fresh content that is topical. So make your SEO content unique and avoid duplicate content on different pages – Google will penalise you for duplicate content.

    Regularly updating your content will help keep customers engaged and they will return to see what’s new and what has changed. Search engines will notice this increased activity on your site and can increase your ranking accordingly – because your site is popular.

    New, unique and compelling SEO content is also easily spread via social media – again spreading the word and helping to increase your ranking. And lastly, if there is something new happening in your industry and people are searching online for this information – writing topical and up-to-the-minute content can lead to high rankings based on the demand for your content.

    If you want help with SEO content writing or want to know more about SEO or social media networking – contact us at Snapfrozen, We make the web work for your business.