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Cloudflare Partnership

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Snapfrozen is excited to announce a new partnership with the company Cloudflare, Inc. Cloudflare is a performance and security solution that protects and accelerates over 6,000,000 websites around the world. As a Cloudflare Certified Partner, we’re providing all of our valued customers the ability to enable Cloudflare’s free plan across their websites. Once your website…

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Google Cloud Launches Australian Region

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We’re really pleased to announce that Google has just launched an Australian Google Cloud Platform region. As all of our underlying hosting and server infrastructure runs on top of the Google Cloud Compute Platform, this will mean a 40-90% performance increase when we migrate our systems to the new Sydney region, within the next week.…

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Free SSL via cPanel AutoSSL

Snapfrozen SSL security ninja holding padlock

We’re pleased to announce that our hosting platform now provides free SSL certificates, for all accounts, which are automatically installed and ready to use. SSL certificates provide the little padlock (https://) when viewing your site and encrypt the data between your clients browsers and your website. The new cPanel AutoSSL feature automatically generates and manages…

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10 things to consider before building a website

You have decided that your business needs a website or web app, but now you are faced with terms like web development and web design. So what’s the difference between a web developer and a web designer? Well a simple analogy is that a web developer is like an architect and a web designer is…

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Automate your business with the cloud

What is business automation? Automation is nothing new. it’s been around since farms began to become mechanically automated using machinery, like the plough. You might think that we’ve already automated all we can. However, a recent Oxford University study has found that 47% of today’s current jobs will be automated in the next 20 years!…

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Snapfrozen at Solar Energy 2016

Snapfrozen has a strong commitment to renewable resources and sustainable energy, and works with some of Australia’s leading solar companies to continue to develop cutting edge systems for the industry. Working closely with Solaris and Sunwiz, Snapfrozen has developed both SolarPlus and PVsell respectively. We were proud to exhibit these two software products at Australian…

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Ausgolf Relaunch

Ausgolf, is Australia’s most informative golf website with reviews, articles and news on golf courses, tours, equipment, events and much more. Snapfrozen’s redevelopment of this comprehensive site greatly improves on its core functionality. It allows for a whole range of custom features and a clean, new look. Ausgolf contains the most extensive golf course database…

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Accommodation and Care Solutions

Accommodation & Care Solutions logo

Accommodation and Care Solutions (ACARES) is an aged and disability care provider operating throughout Victoria and New South Wales, Australia 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Since 2003, ACARES has been delivering a seamless level of care and enhancing the lives of its clients by offering the freedom to choose individualised care…

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Welcome Kendal

At Snapfrozen we continue to expand our custom development resources, particularly in the renewable energy sector. We strongly believe in renewable resources and our current achievements in this domain will be further assisted by the addition of our new Project Manager, Kendal Marsland, to our team. Kendal has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Planning…

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Snapfrozen Welcomes New Clients

Snapfrozen is excited to welcome Haven Hosting and Simplec Services clients, after new strategic partnerships with these two companies. We wish to extend a very warm welcome to our new clients! With over 15 years experience and detailed technical knowledge of the web industry, we continue to provide all our clients with quality Australian-based web…

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When is the best time to send your email campaign?

You’ve written awesome content, and have a great subject line. You’ve got your images and graphics well placed and you’re all ready to send your email campaign. You want your customers to not only open and read your email, but to click through to your website for more information, to make a sales enquiry or…

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Boxomatic and FoodChat open source initiatives

Boxomatic is a software system we originally developed in 2012 for a local produce box scheme we co-founded in our local community in Bellingen NSW. My close friend Steve Smith had an idea to work with local food growers and create an affordable weekly box for locals. This prevented the produce from being sent further…

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All New Client Area

We’ve improved our online services to make it easier for you to access and manage your account with us.  Our all new client area allows you to view and update all your account information, pay your Snapfrozen bills and even get support online. You can access the client area by clicking on ‘Client Area’ on…

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3 Tips on writing SEO content that works

Your business needs a website. And your website needs content. These are two of the basic fundamentals every business has to deal with today. So you have the website sorted – check! Now you need to write the search engine optimised (SEO) content – and this is where many businesses fall down. Writing SEO content…

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Pin Payments module for WHMCS

We’ve just released our Pin Payments module for WHMCS!     Our Pin Payments WHMCS payment gateway module allows enables Pin Payments payment gateway functionality in the WHMCS system. Pin Payments is an Australian payment gateway provider which doesn’t require the seller to have their own merchant facility. Instead, it handles credit card transactions, then…

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10 Things to Ask When Choosing a Web Developer

Choosing a web developer is an important part of your online business strategy. You want a professional company that is experienced in web development, not just web design. This is because developers are experts in the programming and technical side of making your website work, rather than just the aesthetics. So here are 10 questions…

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Mobile Apps – Do you really need them?

Would you like to take your business website mobile? or are you planning to build a mobile app? Native mobile apps for Android and Apple iOS are one way to do this, but do you really need to spend the money to develop mobile apps for both Apple iOS or Google Android, or would a…

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Are you consistent with your social media strategy?

As a business owner establishing your brand is an important component of an effective marketing strategy. So how does social media branding fit into your plans? And how do you maintain your brand consistency across so many different social media channels? What is brand consistency? Many businesses have both a physical and an online presence.…

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Are you promoting Facebook, or your business?

In part two of our three part social media series, we look at how to use Facebook to drive users to back your website, instead of them staying on Facebook Many businesses have a Facebook page but not many of these businesses utilise this popular social media giant in the best way. This is because…

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10 Tips to Boost Your Social Media Presence

As a business owner you know the power of a well-designed website, but like most people you may be confused about social media. I mean your kids are on Facebook all the time and they Tweet till all hours of the night – but you are not sure how social media fits in with your…

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Are Apps a waste of money?

Lately, everyone seems to want mobile Apps, but are they worth it for your business? Overall, I believe that Apps are a stop gap, temporary solution. Having to cater for both Android and iPhone, then expecting clients to pay to develop their solution on both devices needs to, and will eventually end. In the future,…

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Why responsive design is important to your business

What is a responsive design and why is it important to your business? Well the world is rapidly changing. Twenty years ago we were struggling to understand PC’s, both in the home and in our work place – but now we have smart phones and iPads as well. So what does this mean for your…

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Ad Free Web Browsing with Adblock

Are you tired of all those ads in Facebook, Google and all your favourite websites? Here’s how you can easily block pretty much all advertising from your browser. The Adblock browser extension is a smart piece of software which automatically knows how to block just about all ads. It leaves a white space where the…

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